Title: Fifty-Seven Minutes: Restart

Author: BitiBot

Summary: While Dawn was out, Willow programmed the Buffybot to have a rollicking threesome with her and Tara. But now they're asleep, Dawn is back, and Buffybot has restarted her program... Continuation of the W/T/Bb fic Fifty-Seven Minutes, best to read that first.

Pairing: Dawn/Buffybot

Rating: NC-17 | F/F | Incest, kind of.

Disclaimer: A huge corporation, namely 20th Century Fox, owns all the characters that Joss & Co created. I am merely bending said characters to my own perverted will for no personal profit whatsoever.

Legal Age Disclaimer: In this story, Dawn has miraculously grown to the legal age of consent in your state/province.

Dawn crawled into bed quietly so as not to alert Willow or Tara to her presence.

She was supposed to be sleeping over at her friend's house, so it would have been hard to explain why she'd come home in the middle of the night.

Besides, they were obviously having a good time--the moans she'd heard from their room were proof of that--and who was she to ruin their fun?

Just Dawn, she thought glumly. Fun-ruiner Extraordinaire.

She stared at the ceiling, and sighed.

She was glad she'd left that lame party.

Leisha had disappeared with some guy and left her alone with that dumb jock for like, hours.

Okay, he was a cute jock. And they weren't totally alone. But still...not ready for that. Dawn was shocked that Leisha was. She was only a a few months older than her, and...

She heard a door open and close.

Do they know I'm here? she panicked, and waited for another noise.

There was nothing for several minutes.

Why would someone leave a room and not reenter?

Her curiosity got the best of her. She hopped out of bed and peeked out into the hallway.

Adjusting her eyes to the dark, she saw the Buffybot standing stock still in front of Willow and Tara's door.

"Buffy?" she whispered.

Buffybot turned and smiled wide. "Dawn! My sis--"

"Shhh!" Dawn cautioned as Buffy walked towards her. "What are you doing out here?"

"I'm waiting."

"Oh." She wondered why Willow had forgotten to wind her down for the night. And what was she wearing? "For what?"

"For the signal. To come in." She peered into Dawn's room. "Can I come in?"

"Um. Sure. But shouldn't you be..." recharging? "in bed?"

Buffybot followed Dawn into her room. "I'd rather be in your bed," she replied brightly.

Dawn sat down, and whispered, "My bed? Why?"

Smiling, Buffybot dropped her kimono to the floor.

Dawn stared, slackjawed at her naked sister. "Oh," cracked from her throat.

"I want to have fun with you. All night long."

Dawn squeaked, "Huh?"

Buffybot sat next to Dawn on the bed. "I want to make you feel good. With my tongue!"

"Oh...b-b-but Buffy...I don't...how did you...what's going on?"

Buffybot frowned. "You don't want to play with me? You think I'm unattractive?"

"What? No! You're--you're my sister!" She wrinkled her brow. "Kinda..."

"I am your sister. I'm Buffy," she said proudly. "And I'm here for your pleasure." She added, "I want to make you come. A lot."

"Come...but...I--" Dawn's eyes widened as she suddenly felt her sister's tongue probing her own.

Maybe I fell asleep and this is a dream? her frazzled brain processed. I'm dreaming. I must be dreaming...My robot sister is kissing me, I've gotta be dreaming. So then...it's okay?

Delicate fingers were already pulling her tanktop up, over her head, and pushing her backwards on the bed.

No, this can't be okay. It's too real... And what if Willow finds out? "Buffy..."

Soft lips closed over her hardening nipple, and a tongue darted out to flick against it at what felt like a million miles an hour.

"Ahhh..." The bedspread twisted in Dawn's grasp.

Mouth still fused to nipple, Buffybot untied Dawn's pajama drawstring, and tugged the soft cotton down.

"Buffy, this is...we shouldn't be doing this!" she whispered.

Buffybot smiled. "And that's why it's kinda fun."

An illicit thrill coursed through Dawn. And when Buffybot buried her face between her thighs, she couldn't help but squeal.

Buffybot nibbled and kissed the cotton barrier that was now soaked with dew.

"Buffy...oh god..." Dawn sputtered, her back arching.

"Mm...I love you so much Dawn," Buffybot murmured between kisses, like she'd seen Willow do to Tara. "You're the only one I love...you're the only one I want..."

"Buffy," Dawn whimpered. "God, I miss you so much, please..."

"I'm right here," Buffybot said. "What do you want me to do?"

Dawn gasped. "I want you to...I want..." And she looked into Buffy's eyes as she kicked off her panties.

"I can do that," Buffybot said with a grin, and lowered her mouth, opening Dawn's folds with her fingertips, and slowly brushing her tongue upwards.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Dawn shivered and convulsed. This was so incredibly wrong, and perverted, and...wonderful...

She weaved a hand through the Bot's silky hair...through her sister's silky hair...and held on for dear life as she felt a pounding ache build in the center of her being. She'd never been so aroused, so amazed...so...so...

"Yes, Buffy!"

Buffybot pressed forward, mashing her face between Dawn's thighs, flattening her tongue against her swelling clitoris and lapping mercilessly at the girl's flowing juices.

Dawn's head thrashed back and forth on her pillow as she felt herself tumbling towards...something...a wonderful release that she couldn't describe, that she couldn't name, but that she knew was waiting for her.

She took hold of Buffy's ears as she bucked repeatedly into her soft mouth, feeling it approach, closer, and closer...

"Oh god Buffy, don't stop!"

Buffybot pointed her tongue and swiveled it against Dawn's sensitive bud--fast, faster, faster, inhumanly fast...

And it hit.


Dawn spasmed, bending at the waist, digging her fingers into her sister's hair, unleashing months of pain and grief and fear and, yes, longing...into her sister's mouth.

Buffybot drank and sucked and licked until there was no more. Finally, she looked up and smiled. "Will you let me play now?"

Still shuddering and panting, Dawn managed a high-pitched, "Uh-huh."

Buffybot moved up to sit on Dawn's lap, guiding the young girl's hands to her body. "Touch me all over, Dawn!"

Dawn was mesmerized by the act of touching her sister this way...of feeling her nipples wrinkle against her fingertips...of seeing Buffy's face contort in ecstasy. She wanted to feel her...there.

"Can I...touch you..." her fingers slid down. "Here?"

"Yes. Please touch me, Dawn. Love me."

Dawn smiled and turned her palm upwards to probe her sister. "It's slippery."

"It means I want you to kiss me there."


"Uh-huh. Will you kiss me there and make me come?"

"I want to..." Dawn started. "But..."

A pout. "You don't like me?"

"No! I love you. I'm just...not sure I can do it right."

Buffybot blinked. "I don't understand that response."

"I've never done this before," Dawn explained.

"But aren't you a lesbian?"

"Um...I... I don't--"

"I'll lay down. It will be easier for you to love me this way," Buffybot offered, reclining.

Dawn smiled. "I love you any way, Buffy," and tenderly moved a strand of hair out of her eyes.

Buffybot smiled back and ran her fingers through Dawn's long locks.

Dawn trembled. The Bot was so much like Buffy...and when she didn't talk, she was Buffy.

Their lips met, their tongues danced, and they both pulled away with an "mmm..."

Dawn giggled, and gently moved Buffy onto her back as she planted soft kisses on her neck, her collarbone, her nipples. She sucked at one, and then the other.

Buffy moaned and sighed, still stroking Dawn's hair.

Upon dipping her tongue into Buffy's belly button, Dawn was met with a tiny shock. She recoiled.

"Oh, you shouldn't lick there," Buffybot said. "Willow says it's too close to my circuit board."

"Right." Dawn nodded, unconcerned with why Willow would know where one could and couldn't lick. "But I can lick here?"

"Oh yes. You can lick there forever and ever."

Dawn smiled wickedly, and positioned herself below Buffy, who had spread her legs wide. She bent forward, hooked her arms under Buffy's thighs, and touched her lips to the wettest spot she could see.

Buffy tremored in her arms.

Dawn was astonished. Just one little kiss, and she could make Buffy shake like that? This was easy...And this was fun!

She kissed again, and again, each time eliciting the same response.

Then she let her tongue slide up...and down...

"Oh! Yes, Dawn!" Buffy cried.

Buffy tasted so good, felt so glorious in her arms, and now she was calling her name like she was the only thing that mattered in her life...Dawn didn't ever want this to stop. Dream or not.

Feeling out Buffy's every reaction, Dawn found a rhythm. Up, around, flickflickflick...up, around, flickflickflick...

At first, Dawn wondered if there was an earthquake...

...and there was, but it was only in her bed. Buffy was flailing and jerking and--

"Dawn, I'm cooooommmiiiiiiing!!!!"

Coming, apparently.

Woah. Dawn couldn't believe that she could make anyone feel like that...

As silky fluid seeped out onto the bed, Dawn worried over whether this was normal. She felt between her own legs, and found that, yep, it was normal. In fact, she had a lot more to spare.

Was she supposed to drink it?

Buffy answered the question by smacking Dawn's face against her pussy.

Dawn sucked up as much as she could, wondering if her real sister's juices really tasted like that, because wow...

Ew, not supposed to be thinking those thoughts because, that's perverted...

And this isn't?

Okay, no more thinking.

Dawn brought the hand she'd put between her own legs to her lips and sampled the taste. Definitely not the same, but still pretty tasty...

She crawled up Buffy's body and lowered herself on top of her, rubbing her wetness against Buffy's thigh. "Buffy," she murmured.

"Oh, Dawn...I love the way you kiss me there."

Dawn continued to agitate herself against her sister. "You won't tell anyone about this, will you?"

"No. This is a secret."

"Good. Because we could get in trouble," Dawn breathed.

"I don't want you to be in trouble. You're my sister, and I love you."

"Buffy," Dawn whimpered. "I don't wanna stop. I wish we could do this every night...from now on..."

"Me too. But this program will erase as soon as I go to sleep."

Dawn stopped humping. "Huh?" 'Go to sleep' was the Bot euphemism for being shut down.

"I won't remember anything tomorrow. You should ask Willow to reconfigure the program just for us!"

"Willow...why did Willow...?" Suddenly, everything became very, very clear.

"Why did Willow what?" Buffybot asked perkily.

"Oh my god." Dawn sat up, suddenly feeling ill. "She made you into a sextoy?"

"I'm not a sextoy," Buffybot protested. "I'm Buffy."

"Oh my god," Dawn said again. "That's why you came onto me!" Well, duh...why did you think she came on to you... she thought angrily. Because she's got the hots for you?

"Yes, I came all over you!" Buffybot agreed. "And your bed."

"Shhh," Dawn hushed, and heaved a deep sigh. "Roll onto your stomach."

"Okay," Buffybot said, and did as she was told.

Dawn opened the compartment in the Bot's back, and flipped a switch.

Buffybot shut down.


"Buffy?" Willow dashed down the hallway, stopping to peek in to Buffy's room.

There she was--off, and hooked up to the generator. Huh?

"Dawn?" She opened Dawn's bedroom door. The bedlinens were rumpled--she'd obviously slept there, but was nowhere to be seen. She came home last night?

Willow snuck over to the Buffybot, and sat down beside her.

The scent of sex was still heavy on her skin.

Willow cringed at the thought that Dawn must have smelled this while winding the Bot down. Did she figure it out? Was she even old enough to know?

"Second order of the day, Bot bath," Willow said, then unhooked the generator and flipped the ON switch. "But first..."

"Willow!" Buffybot greeted with a smile. "My best friend!"

"Hey, Buffy. How are you?" She reached over to grab her PowerBook from the nighttable, prepared to fix any leftover glitches.

"I'm wonderful," Buffybot swooned. "How are you?"

"Good...hey, what do you remember about last night?"

"Last night? When you and Tara and Dawn ate pizza?"

The night before. Perfect. "Right."

"And Spike came in. I saw Spike!" she beamed, then her face fell. "But he left early."

Same old hetero Buffybot... "That's exactly what happened..."

"And then Dawn tucked me in."

"Dawn?" That didn't happen the other night...

"Yes. She kissed me goodnight, and she told me how much she loved me."

"Oh," Willow said, thinning her lips into a sad smile.

"I love Dawn," Buffybot sighed.

"Of course you do."

"She's my sister!" Buffybot said.

"Of course she is." Well, Willow thought, closing her laptop. Everything back to normal...

"And you know what the best thing is about her?"

"What?" Willow asked, humoring her now.

Buffybot grinned and gushed like a schoolgirl, "She really knows how to make me come!"

"She...?" The laptop slipped out of Willow's fingers and tumbled to the floor as she stood and backed up, mouth agape.

'Should I start the program over?'


Willow's legs went wobbly and gave way as she squeaked, "Dawnie?"



~The End~


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