Title: In This Way

Author: BitiBot

Summary: Yet another smutty little PWP future-ficlet. Someday I'll turn this into something.

Pairing: Buffy/Dawn

Rating: NC-17 | F/F | Incest

Disclaimer: A huge corporation, namely 20th Century Fox, owns all the characters that Joss & Co created. I am merely bending said characters to my own perverted will for no personal profit whatsoever.

Legal Age Disclaimer: In this story, Dawn is over 18.

Dawn sweeps her luxurious, feather-soft hair over my nude body. My nipples tense.

She looks up for a beat to smile before hooking one slip of hair behind her ear and descending.

I know this is wrong. I know there are a thousand words for it... all of them translating more or less as "wrong".

But right now it feels, cliche of all cliches, so right. The way she's kissing me, the way she's loving me...the way she's making me shake and tremble at the edge of her pointed tongue...

A spell's been cast over Sunnydale. A spell that's skewing our feelings for each other in such a way that...

We're together. In this way.

I don't know if it's manifesting itself in the same way for everyone, but it's this way with us. Dawn and me.

"Please, baby," I hear myself plead, hoarse and wanting. "Please..."

She wraps her lips around my swollen clit, sucks me in, and I convulse and shatter into a million pieces. I hold her head down for the final wave.

When I get my breath back, she looks up with a shiny grin.

"Me next?"

I smile at her. "Again?"




~The End~






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