Title: What Are You Thinking?

Author: BitiBot

Summary: Smutty little PWP future-ficlet. No redeeming value whatsoever.

Pairing: Buffy/Dawn

Rating: NC-17 | F/F | Incest

Disclaimer: A huge corporation, namely 20th Century Fox, owns all the characters that Joss & Co created. I am merely bending said characters to my own perverted will for no personal profit whatsoever.

Legal Age Disclaimer: In this story, Dawn is over 18.

What are you thinking when you're watching your little sister's head bob between your thighs?

You're thinking, If it wasn't for this ridiculous spell, this wouldn't be happening. Dammit, I'm stronger than this spell! I can make this stop RIGHT NOW, and I will!

You're thinking , She's not *really* my sister--she's thousands of years old. Completely unrelated! And her humanity was made out of me...so technically, this is just an advanced form of masturbation. And even I don't believe myself right now.

You're thinking , Is incest even against the law? I mean, she's of age now, it's not like she's a child anymore. We're adults, and who's to say this is wrong? *I'm* to say, that's who! And what would mom think? This is so completely wrong! It's got to stop! Now!

You're thinking all of those things when you're watching your little sister suck on your clit.

But mostly you're thinking, Oh god! Don't stop, Dawn! Don't stop!




~The End~






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