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In Heat

In Heat
By NautiBitz
"Black Out"

Info and Author's Notes: See introduction.

Chapter summary: The demons may be gone, but our heroes are still horny...

"Stop whining. It'll heal."

"I think you broke it," he whined, nursing his injury.

"Well, don't be so wide open next time."

"Why do you always go for the nose?"

"'Cause it makes you so angry," Buffy answered, her eyes flashing.

Spike grabbed her. "It does."

"Ow, rib! Rib!"

He let go of her. "Sorry, pet."

"Something better happen soon, or we'll end up killing each other." They rounded the corner of Revello Drive.

"Be careful what you wish for, love."

"What? The something happening or killing each other?"

He laughed. "Something happening."

"So suddenly you don't want to fight anyone but me?"

"When did I ever?"

She smiled at him. "Still. I'm itching for some real evil to fight."

"Now, that hurts."

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey." She gave his nose a peck and said in a baby voice, "You're the evillest."

"Real convincing. Thanks."

"Hey, whenever you need a stroke to the old ego, don't hesitate to ask--"

Suddenly, the street lamps blinked out.

"--someone... else..."

The town went black.

"Thought these bleedin' energy zaps were over."

"Honey, we only rid the world of heatwave demons," she said. "Sadly, the depletion of our natural resources continues."

"Stupid bloody black outs."

"What are you complaining about? You can still see."

"All my blood goes bad," he pouted. "Can't even nuke it."

She pulled him by their joined hands until his chest was pressed against hers. "I might know where you can get some fresh."

His pout disappeared. "You don't say."

"Uh huh. Slayer blood. Some call it a delicacy."

"The finest there is," he rasped.

"I don't share it with just anyone, you know. Only very special vampires."


"Really. In fact, there may be a sample waiting..." She grazed his lips with hers.

Trembling, he asked, "Yeah? Where?"

"Very possibly in our bed..."

"I'll race you." He took off.

"No fair! I can't see!"

"Turn on your slayer senses pet!" he called behind him.

Running after him, she yelled, "Night vision... is not... one of -- Ow."

He ran back to her. "You alright?"

"I'm fine. My pride won't heal for a while, but..."

He laughed. "That was a picture. Best slayer in history, runnin' right smack into a tree."

"Ha ha. You know, to the rest of us, it's completely pitch black out here."

"Yeah." He looked at the sky. "No moon."

"Lots of stars though. Birdies too." She swirled a finger in front of her eyes.

"Better take my hand, Snow White."

"Wait. Are you one of the seven dwarves or the evil stepmom? 'Cause I won't eat that apple."

"I'm the comely Prince."

"That's for sure," she snorted. "No more running, okay?"

"No more running." He led her inside the gates and up the front steps.

As her eyes adjusted to the low light, Buffy noticed the absence of mechanical sounds and how serene it made the night. It was as if they were the only two people in the world.

She inhaled and whispered, "Nice."

"What's that, pet?"

"Shhh," she said, and tugged on his coat, detouring him to the porch. "C'mere, Comely."

"But... upstairs... the sample..."

"You'll get your protein drink soon enough." She sat up on the railing and pulled him close, touching his face.

"Lookit you. All romantic and fluffy."

"Come on -- the quiet, the dark? You don't think it's sexy?"

"I think anything that involves you is sexy." He slipped his hands up her skirt and tasted her neck, adding, "My ripe... succulent... peach..."

Buffy whimpered and rested her fingers on his belt, this particular combination of caress, kiss and sweet talk affecting her motor skills.

He unfastened his pants and ran her hand over his rigid length. "This what you want?"


"How much?"

"So, so much."

"Good." He ripped her panties away.

Buffy suddenly got her bearings back to scold, "Spike! Do you know how many pairs of underwear you've ru--"

He plunged into her, effectively quieting that train of thought.

She relaxed her thighs, giving him further access. To stifle a moan, she grabbed him by the neck and locked her lips over his.

He teased her tongue as he accelerated his fevered thrusts.

He slipped his arms under Buffy's thighs to grab a firmer hold of her ass. "Say it."


He panted, "Say it, Buffy..."

She searched her lust-ridden mind for the words he wanted to hear. "Uh... you're the... Big Bad?"

He chuckled softly into her skin. "Not that -- 'preciate it though. The other thing."

"Oh," she smiled and whispered into his ear, "I need you."

He quivered and tightened his grip, moving faster.

Suddenly, the front door creaked.

They froze.

The screen door slammed open, and Dawn emerged. Spike could see her clearly, looking out into the night with a cell phone at her ear.

"Buffy?" she asked into the dark, unable to see past her own face.

Spike felt Buffy's heartbeat racing, and covered her mouth. Buffy rolled her eyes. Like she would say something.

"Spike?" Dawn queried again.


"Huh. I coulda sworn I heard them giggling out here." She turned back into the house. "Anyway, I'll have her call you as soon as she gets in..."

When she shut the door, they exhaled together.

"Well that dampened the mood a little."

"Be careful what I wish for, right?" Buffy sighed, "Armageddon #7 calling." She added in a tiny voice, "Please hold."

He smoothed a strand of hair out of her eye. "Nothing you can't handle, pet."

She pulled him closer and touched his chin. "Nothing we can't handle."

He paused for a moment, searching her eyes.

"I need you," she repeated plainly, and suddenly it meant so much more.

He stiffened within her and began to move again. "Buffy..."

She wrapped her legs around him and arched backwards over the railing as he surged into her.

When she felt herself nearing release, she gasped achingly, "I love you so much."

"Buff -- Hell--" He dropped his head back and roared. "GRRRAHHH!"

They held onto each other until the last blissful shudder.

"EEEWWW!" They heard through the open window. "If you're gonna pretend you're not here, you could at least TRY to keep it down!"

Buffy's eyes widened. Spike laughed.

"Um. Sorry, Dawn," Buffy said meekly.

"Whatever," she said. "Call Giles."

"'Kay." Buffy slapped his chest. "Why'd you have to yell so loud?"

"Why'd you have to make me?"



"Get upstairs."


She moved in on his ear. "Upstairs. Clothes off. I'll be up in a minute."

"What am I, your bleedin' concubine?"

"I'm the one who'll be bleeding," she smiled, trailing a finger down his shirt. "Remember?"

He stuttered for a minute and finally said, "Right. I'll see you upstairs."

They opened the door and he spotted Dawn on the couch, surrounded by candles. "'Night, Lil' Prowler."

"'Night, Big Growler," she answered casually, handing Buffy the phone.

He hopped up the steps.

"Growler?" Buffy asked with a smirk.

"Call 'em like I hear 'em," Dawn replied.

"Sorry about that. I didn't know the window was open."

"Buffy, the whole neighborhood heard that. Possibly the whole world."

Smiling, Buffy shrugged. "He's an animal, what can I do?"

"Get him a muzzle."

Spike's voice boomed from the upstairs bedroom, "I heard that!"

The girls giggled together.

"Yeah, yeah. Very funny!"

Buffy dialed a number. "Hey Giles, it's me. Huh? No, just, Dawn said something funny. Okay... yeah... No, I haven't... What makes you think... Oh. Okay. We'll be there tomorrow, bright and early. ...I don't know, I'll get him a big parasol or something. You get with the booky parts and we'll see you tomorrow. 'Kay. You too. Bye." She flung the phone back on the couch and looked at Dawn.

"Is it bad?"

"Nothing we can't handle," Buffy assured her.

They smiled at one another.

"A parasol?!" They heard from upstairs. "That'll be the bloody day!"

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