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Last updated Jun 9, 2005. New chapter: Heart Don't Lie

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Winner of several awards including 'Fic of 2002' from The Spiked Awards and 'Best Series' from
The Watching You Awards


IN HEAT: The summer after Season 5 (in my world where Buffy never died) there's new evil afoot--in the form of horny demons. Thanks to their pheromone heatwave, Buffy's all hot and bothered. Spike is trying to be good... [NC17, bloodplay]

Romance | Smut | Comedy
Porn With Plot

Started May 2001
Completed July 2001
Interludes/epilogue added Sept. 2001
Extra added June 2002
Revised October 2002

1. Smells Like Fun
2. Sultry
3. Perfect Gentleman
4. Ambrosia
5. For Spike
6. Dirty Little Secret
7. Bloody Heaven
Interlude: Night Sweat
8. Hot and Bothered
Interlude: Bring It!
9. Truth and Consquences
10. Man of War
11. Soul
12. Stand Back
13. Letting Go
14. Heat Wave
Epilogue: Black Out

Extra: One More For The Apocalypse

Companion Piece: Rather Be


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Winner of several awards, including 'Outstanding Series', 'Best WIP' and 'Best Baby Fic'

HEART DON'T LIE: Buffy and Spike face the consequences of a 'wild' night together. This series sprouts from my Saber ShadowKitten-inspired oneshot, "A Bunny In The Oven". (WIP) [NC17]

Smut | Romance | Comedy | Fluff

Started November 2001
Resumed January 2003

Preface: Saber's Humping Like Bunnies

1. A Bunny In The Oven
2. A Demon In The Sack
3. Quickening
4. Split Decision
5. Of Undead Bondage
6. All Or Nothing
7. Cryptic Massages
8. Good Cryptkeeping
9. Maternal Instincts
10. What To Expect When You're Expecting
11. Craving and Caving
12. Hot Cross Bunnies

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Winner of several awards including 'Best Fantasy' 'Best Saga', 'Best Humor' and 'Best UST'


CRASH AND BURN: Buffy's an 18-year old Valley brat. Spike's a recently jilted 20-something expat slacker. Smash 'em together on a mountain road, and what do you get? Nauti's first Fantasy AU fic! Guilty-pleasure fun. [NC17]

AU/Fantasy | Romance | Comedy | Smut

Started June 2003
Part One Completed January 2004


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20
21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29
30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35

Plus: New version of the song is here.


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Winner of several awards including 'Outstanding NC-17 Series', 'Funniest Buffy Fic' and 'Best Smut'

"Maybe we should wait 'til one of us gets our strength back, or 'til someone...finds us naked and chained together; we really need to get out of here."

CAPTIVATED: After Lover's Walk, Spike and Buffy get cuffed buck-naked to a bed. Someone thinks it's just plain unsanitary. Smutty fun. [NC17]

Smut | Comedy | Romance | Fluff

Started August 2002
Completed December 2002
Revised November 2004

1. Bum Batch
2. Indecent Exposure
3. Co-Ed Naked Metal Twisting
4. Stupid Thing

5. So Much To Yearn


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Winner of several awards including the 'Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just My Story?' from Tainted Love.

"I won't play second fiddle to a vampire," Riley snarled.

"You're not! You're...first fiddle!" Buffy cried. "He's not even a fiddle!"


BODY SHOTS: Faith, wearing Buffy's body, has just met Spike for the first time--except in my version, she screws him silly. When back-to-normal Buffy finds out, she's not amused. Season 4, starts during 'Who Are You' and goes from there. Crosses over with Angel. Some S/F, but this is an S/B romance. [NC17]

Romance | Comedy | Smut
Plot With Porn

Completed July 2001
Revised April 2004

1. Why Not?
2. Under It
3. Mine
4. Slip
5. Crossing Paths
6. Gotta Have Faith
7. Quadrangle
8. Into the Fire
9. Happy


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Won 'Best Phone Sex' award from the NBKIL Awards

"What happened to the Slayer with the filthy mouth I met four nights ago?"

"She's hiding."

"Yeah? She gonna come out so she can tell me what you're doing?"


THAT THING: A post-'Wrecked' trilogy. Buffy is trying to think non-Spikey thoughts when a certain obscene phone caller foils her plan. Mmm, phone sex. [NC17]

Smut | Comedy
Porn Without Plot

Completed January 2002

1. That Thing He Does
2. That Thing She Does
3. That Thing They Do


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Winner of 'Ultimate PWP' at the FMYA Ultimate Awards

"You play with it. I don't have to do anything but 'accept your cold, dead seed,' according to the book."

"S'not cold."

"I know that, but--Oh come on, we're wasting time!"


ALL OVER IT: Pre-Lover's Walk, Buffy's gotta stop an apocalypse. Luckily, Spike's back in town and has just the stuff she needs. Inspired in part by the Buffy X-Box Game. [NC17]

Smut | Romance | Comedy | Angst

Completed February 2003

1. Intercourse With A Vampire
2. The Need For Seed

3. Performance Anxiety

4. Letting It In

5. Turnabout's Foreplay

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These stories won and were nominated for several awards including 'Best Short', 'Best Comedy' and 'Best Smut'.

"Why? You want it, do you?"

"Not exactly eager to get you inside me." She realized the double entendre too late. The room was silenced. "Hypnotically," she stressed, disgusted with everyone.

- Enthralled

"God, Spike! Does that track in your mind get lonely all by itself?"

- Truce or Dare

"Spi..." This time it was an unmistakable urgent whisper. "Mm..."

The Slayer was dreaming about him. Like... that.

- Sleeptalking


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: A non-serial collection of Season 4 Spuffy 'almosts'. UST abounds.

Originally intended as unrelated standalone vignettes, a few of these stories are referred to in the following series "Wild Things".

Not meant to be read in any particular order, these are arranged by season timeline.

Comedy | Romance | Erotica

Written May-November 2001

1. Just A Taste: Post-'Pangs', Buffy's mad. Spike is hungry. Things get tasty. Winner of "Best Bite" at the Lost Souls Awards. [R]

2. Truce Or Dare: Post-'Something Blue', Buffy makes an intriguing statement. Spike suggests a fitting game. Are the Scoobies bored enough to play? Received Honorable Mention for "Best Anya Line" at the Rabid Rabbit Awards. [R]

3. Sleeptalking: Pre-'Hush', Spike learns that Buffy talks in her sleep. He may have a chip in his head, but he's still very, very bad. Nominated for Spiked Awards and Watching You Awards. [NC17]

4. Enthralled: My first fic ever (it all went downhill from here!). Mid-'Doomed', the subject of hypnosis comes up: can Spike do it? Buffy doesn't think so. Guess she'll have to be...convinced. Winner of "Best Short Story" at Love's Last Glimpse Awards. [R]

5. The Sandman's Promise: During 'Restless', Spike had a dream too - costarring Buffy and all kinds of symbolic prophetic crap. Refers to my story 'Sleeptalking', but isn't really a sequel. Nominated for Spiked Awards and Watching You Awards. [NC17]


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Winner of several awards including 'Ultimate Episode Stealer', 'Best Revamped Ep' and 'Best Smut'.

"I was gonna... explain everything," Buffy said. "Why it happened. A poltergeist, emotionally disturbed teenagers, sexually... charged... repressed... somethings. You know, the explanation..."

"And then?"

"And then you... you've got those stupid eyes."


WILD THINGS: 'Where The Wild Things Are' redux, as in "What if it wasn't Riley in that room with Buffy?" A Frat House is haunted by the spirits of oversexed kids...and an innocent game gets the Scoobies (and Spike) all worked up. Refers to certain stories in the "Close Encounters" Collection. [NC17]

Smut | Comedy | Romance | Angst

Completed August 2001

1. Spin the Bottle
2. Poltergasm
3. Explain Away
4. Control Girl


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Winner of
'Best Romance' (2nd place) at the Shades of Grey Awards

"Don't flatter yourself, Slayer. I'm offering you a massage, plain and simple. If you don't want it, leave. I don't care either way," Spike said, hoping his tone was convincing. He put the wine down, deciding not to offer her any after all.


SKIN ON SKIN: Pre-'Crush', Buffy's got some kinks she needs worked out. Lucky for her, Spike's got the gift of healing. [NC17]

Romance | Comedy | Smut | Fluff
Erotica With Plot

Started August 2001
Completed April 2002

1. Touched
2. The Full Service
3. Magic Hands
4. Body to Body
5. The Knot
6. Epilogue: The Happy Ending


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Winner of the
'Best Smut' award from Born For War and the 'It's My Birthday' award from Forbidden Love.

"I had a little kitchen mishap," Buffy explained. "Spike helped, though."

Spike chuckled, turning it into a cough when Buffy glared.


PEACHES & HERBS: Set in a fictional Season 6, Spike and Buffy get into naked trouble when they eat some fruit of the "let's-get-our-loins-together" variety. [NC17, bloodplay]

Romance | Comedy | Smut | Fluff
Porn With Plot

Answer to Laure Alexander's annual birthday challenge, Sept. 2001

0. The Challenge
1. Magically Delicious
2. Ripe
3. Surprise!

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Winner of 'Ultimate Threesome Fic' award from FMYA Ultimates

They don't have to tell me what room it is. I can hear her, mewling and panting like a little bitch in heat. And the scent... the musk of two Slayers? Powerful enough to knock a lesser vampire out. Surprised I couldn't smell it from the highway.


ONE, TWO, THREE: With Faith leading the way, Buffy finally 'lets go' and becomes that 'force' she keeps yammering about... and Spike makes three. Contains B/F (femslash). [NC17]

Smut | Angst | Romance
Porn Without Plot

Started September 2001
Completed July 2002

1. One (Buffy/Faith)
2. Two (Buffy/Faith; Spike POV)
3. Three (Buffy/Faith/Spike; Angel POV)


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She giggled. "You're adorable."

"Knew you'd fess up to it sooner or later."

"Oh, did I say adorable?" she teased. "I meant deplorable."

- Slaying In

Eyes closed, the blue angel moves in time with the pounding surf. Violent. Hard. Her pony tail is coming undone.

- Come Alive

"God, do you have any idea how humiliating this is for me? I've been practicing being Little Slave Girl all afternoon. To Spike!" Buffy explained, pointing at the offending vampire, then at Willow. "And you. I've never spent so much time on my knees in my life!"

Spike grinned. "But--"

"DON'T even go there."

- Naked

She refuses to feel guilty about this. It's been too long since she's allowed herself to think of him this way, and dammit, it's fantasy, it's not real, and the world might end tomorrow for all anyone knows...

- Back and Forth

"We have a Spike problem," Willow explained.

Tara took in the sorry display with a lopsided smile. "I see that."

- Spirit

"Anyway, I walk in, and he's naked, in bed, and he's--" Xander made his 'shrimp' face. "Well he said he was 'exercising', but--"

"Found something!" Buffy blared, shoving her book his way.

- Vanishing Act

"So. Return to coda?"

- Something to Sing About


QUICKIES: Spuffy standalones and ficlets, arranged by BtVS timeline.

Checkmate: Set during Season 5's 'Checkpoint'. This time, when Spike insults Buffy, she doesn't walk away. Featured fic at Destructo Girl. [R]
Comedy | Angst | Fluff

Naked: My contribution to a now-dead round robin called 'Ring Around the Buffy'. Mid-S5, Buffy and Spike share a motel room while investigating a vampire slave ring. This part can be read as a standalone, but you can start from the beginning here, and read Rabid's unofficial continuation here. [NC17]
Smut | Comedy

Spirit: Post-'Gift'. Distraught over Buffy's death, a drunk and disorderly Spike visits the Summers home. [PG13]
Comedy | Angst

Come Alive: Mid-'Afterlife', Buffy and Spike ride his motorcycle up a sea-sprayed mountain. A BBFer called it a 'lovely dark blue textured vignette'. Winner of several awards including "Best Short" and "Best PWP". [NC17]
Smut | Angst | Romance

Something to Sing About: Post-'Once More With Feeling'. What could have happened after that kiss. Nominated for "Best PWP" at the FMYAs. [NC17]
Smut | Romance | Comedy | Fluff

Vanishing Act: Post-'Gone', Buffy, Xander and Anya have a little mid-research chat about their favorite vampire. Buffy bails, Anya gets suspicious, and Xander finally swims out of DeNile. Nominated for "Best Humor" at the Spuffy Awards. [PG13]

Back and Forth: Post-'First Date' (spoilers for that ep). Buffy's feeling sexy. She does something about it. Minor Buffy/Wood implications. Winner of several awards including "Best Short", "Best Rewritten" and "Best Smut". [NC17]
Smut | Angst | Romance

As In 'Recent' : Mid-'Storyteller'. Is that "history" a bit more recent than Andrew thinks? Probably not, but what the hell. Let's pretend. Winner of several awards including "The Way Things Should Be" and "Best PWP". [NC17]
Smut | Romance | Fluff

Late: Season 7 100-word smut. [NC17]
Smut | Romance | Fluff

Slaying In: A ficlet in response to Marti Noxon's question, "Can you really see Spike and Buffy in a condo deciding what they should watch on TV that night?" As a matter of fact, Marti... Winner of "Best Fluff Fic" at the Immortal Moonlight Awards. [PG13]
Comedy | Romance | Fluff

Catch: Post-AtS series finale. "The point is she's moving on. You do the same, and you might catch her one day." ...Or she might catch you. Winner of "Best Short Story" at Love's Last Glimpse. [PG]
Romance | Fluff

For a little Vamp!Buffy/William action, check out Becoming Kate. Primarily femslash AU. Nominated for several awards. [NC17]
Angst | Romance | Smut




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