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Skin on Skin

Don't Stop
By NautiBitz
"Get My Fill"

Info and Author's Notes: See introduction.

Chapter summary: If anyone had told Buffy that she'd be spending this or any Friday night on her knees in a trashed demon bar, fervently deep-throating the world's most notorious threat to slayerkind, she probably would have hurt that person. A lot.

Chapter notes: I am aware that normal people of superior fitness levels *can* have sex in the positions described. The difference is, superheroes do it way better.

"Ohhh Slayer. Ohhhhh fucking bloody fucking... You sure you never done this before?"

Somehow she was able to shoot him dagger eyes as his cock filled the back of her throat. That in itself was a talent.

"Uh, right. 'Course you are. Just kidding." But Spike needn't have worried that she'd stop: in true slayer fashion, her crossness only served as fuel ...for the heavy-duty wet/dry vac that was her mouth, apparently. "Oh, fucking -- hohhhhhfff, bloodyfuckinghell..."

Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill

If anyone had told Buffy that she'd be spending this or any Friday night on her knees in a trashed demon bar, fervently deep-throating the world's most notorious threat to slayerkind, she probably would have hurt that person. A lot. And questioned that person's sanity. And hurt him/her again. Yet here she knelt, gorging on William the Bloody like he was coated in candy shell and sprinkled in Fun Dip.

Surreal, yes. Shocking, probably. Distressing, not so much. His primer was brief yet informative: Take it in your mouth. Fhhh... Yeah, that's good. Relax your throat, right, take it all the... Ohhh fuck Slayer, wha... fhhhh... Yeah. Now, suck in your cheeks and pull back... Ohhhhhh, that's it. Oh your teeth! No, no, I like the teeth, just a little scrape yeah... yeah... Yeh. Now, put your hand here, give 'em a squeeze, ohhhhhhhhhoh my god. You got it, baby. You bloody got it. Oh my god.

It was kind of exhilarating, actually. Buffy felt like she'd unlocked a secret: this wasn't demeaning like she'd assumed; on the contrary, it was a position of power. Spike was trusting her with his pleasure and his manhood. Not that she'd ever... unman anyone, but still. She had the power.

"Gyeaohhhr Slll fffck!" make him do that.

Okay, so she was also partial to the funny sounds he couldn't help but make. And she wasn't exactly against his barbarian hair pulling either. And fine, he kinda smelled sorta sexy and the girly O face he kept trying to shake had its merits and yes, maybe all of the above was making her swollen and gooey but that was neither here nor there. He'd given her two mindwarping orgasms so far. She had to return the favor at least once. It was only fair!

He seemed really close too, all-out O-facing and hair-steering and whisper-babbling more stream of consciousness praises, mostly about her mouth. Apparently it reminded him of vacuums and Clara Ho and was he seriously thinking of another girl right now? Buffy met his gaze and spiraled her tongue to reset his focus.

His abdomen quivered. "Oh Slllhhhh!"

She smiled.

He touched her smiling lips, thinking I could write a fucking sonnet about this girl's mouth. And as she suckled the tip again, he thought If only it could stay this warm and pliant when I make her my vampire slave. Ohhh fuck. Buffy the Vampire Slave. That's right Dru, I turned a slayer! By the way, she's a right hellcat who can't get e-bloody-nough of me. Don't mind sharing our bed do you? Oh, hell I'm gonna come.

"Stop. Stop." Panting, he pried her mouth off of him. "Get up here."

"But, don't you wanna--?" She stopped talking when he mashed his lips to hers and somehow tricked her into thinking it was his tongue -- not his fingertips -- gliding between her labia.

"You're very wet," he said in a raspy voice that made her shiver. "D'you like doing that?"

As if he didn't know. "It's okay."

"Want to keep doing it?"

She opened her mouth, breathed in, closed it. Then she licked her suddenly-dry lips.

He had no choice but to smear her juices over her mouth and kiss her.

The night was young, and so were they; well not technically but he was forever cursed with the body of a rookie footballer and the endurance of a tantric yogi -- and wouldn't it be fun to save it all up for one big sloppy facial? Like, buckets of it? Hours from now?

Yeah. That's what he'd do.

As long as he didn't look at her wicked little mouth too much, he'd be all right.

"How about," he proposed, squeezing her ass, "we do it together?"

"H... uh, how--?"

In answer, He of the Creative and Gravity-Defying Solutions simply pinwheeled Buffy upside down and, holding her by the waist, frenched her open pussy.

"Huhhh!" Her thighs spasming on his shoulders, she was poked in the chin by his hard-as-ever cock.

Though she tried to give it equal time, it was really difficult to concentrate on anything but his phenomenal tonguework. Not falling also posed a challenge.

He helped by roughly bobbing her head for her, which made her gag and drool in unsexy ways. She jabbed his ass to remind him that she was not, in fact, a blow-up doll.

"Sorry baby." Kissing her inner thigh, he let go of her head. "We could do it on the--"

Spike groaned as she took him in completely and did pretty much what he was directing her to do all on her own.

Oh, yeah. She was gonna make a fantastic vampire. Once she got her fire back.

Don't stop believin'

What if he didn't turn her? What if he kept her as his secret slaything, all hot-blooded and dangerous like this? The things he could do with her, if she'd let him...

He saw them fucking on his car, sunlight threatening the horizon, him chained in place until she thought fit to set him free--

"Fuck! Stop." He peeled her off again, caught his breath. That was a surprise. "Gonna make me come."

"Isn't that sorta the point?"

"Haven't you heard the song, love?" He righted her and gently let her feet touch the floor. "It's the journey. Not the destination."

Watching his tongue curl, she said, "How long can you... hold it?"

"How long can you take it?"

Feeling fresh dew drip down her inner thigh, she tried an unaffected shrug. "Not tired yet."

The corners of his mouth slowly turned up.

Her eyelids fluttered.

"All aboard, then." He picked her up by the thighs, angled himself into her and held her down.


"Hang onto my neck." Widening his stance for balance, he moved her pelvis in mutually pleasing ways until she took the lead.

Suddenly, Buffy had a whole new reason to be grateful for her preternatural strength. Who knew this was even an option? Having sex standing up, easily, with nothing to lean on? Could normal people do this? ...Or this?

She bent backward and rolled up. It felt good. She did it again. Touched the floor.

"Aren't you a quick study," Spike laughed, loving the way she pushed her limits. He hadn't had sex this acrobatic since... well, that acrobat.

She nibbled at his ear. "Teach me more."

Temptress. "What you wanna know?"


He inhaled. "You just got yourself in a world of trouble, girl."

"Try me," she said, lips grazing his as she rode his rigid cock. "I dare you."

"I will, Slayer." Holding her tight, he strode toward the bull pen -- he'd spied a small tube of Vaseline on the floor when his face landed there earlier. "I w--hoa!"

His evil plans foiled by the stretched tonic cord she'd tucked into the couch, Spike crashed to his knees and she tumbled to her back, tonic flurrying all over them.

Buffy burst into laughter. "Wow. 'A' for effort, though! You made it one whole step!"

"S'all right, love." He snatched the tonic gun. "I got a better idea."


Now it was his turn to laugh. The sight of her covered in fizzy water, some spewing out of her mouth, purling down her tits... yeah, this would be a fine memory to treasure.

"You bastgbgb!" She kept trying to grab the gun, but he was spraying it in her eyes and dodging just out of reach and giggling that maniacal not-cute giggle... Oh, it was so on.

Spike couldn't remember the last time he'd laughed this hard. His side actually hurt! "Ow. Hee hee hee! Hey, no running away. You asked for it, remember? Lesson the first: water sports. Get me a beer nozzle, I'll teach you all about golden showers." He guffawed.

What the hell was he talking about? Getting sprayed all the while, she crawled away from him, behind the bar.

He gave her a quick breather while he located the Vaseline tube and stuffed it in his boot. "Come out, come out, Little Naked Slayer. Big Bad Wolf's not done with you yet."

Buffy was grabbing nozzles and testing them. She settled on 7-Up. Effective and tasty.

"I'll huff, and I'll puff," he leaned over the bar, "and I'll--" A boot came snapping out of nowhere and cracked him in the chin. "Gyah!"

She climbed the bar, stood tall on its surface and with the confident comeback "You'll squeal like a little pig," let him have it -- or, she tried to. The cord was stuck under her boot. "Dammit."

He grinned. Yet another golden image for the memory banks: Buffy the Vampire Slayer naked on a bartop, legs apart, pointing a squirt gun at him. This was a good night.

Also, she made this too easy: he pulled the cord around her legs, yanked, and her ass landed on the counter with a hard slap.

"Ow, you-- Ahhgfmm! Mmph! Mmm...."

She made those noises because he'd simultaneously jammed his tongue down her throat and pushed the nozzle into her pussy, blasting it with cold fizz.

"Mm, mmmn!"

"Hmhmhm," he laughed into her mouth. And then he moved the nozzle lower.

"MMPH!" This was followed by a protest that he couldn't hear, because he wouldn't stop kissing her, and ultimately, inevitably, a much calmer "Mmm."

It was the weirdest most alarming sensation; why did she like it? Enemas were not supposed to be a turn-on.

Pointing the spray at her clitoris, he thumbed her asshole to let all the water out. Then, he pulled up a stool, stuck the same thumb in her pussy and anally probed her with his tongue! Who did he think he-- "Oh my god! Oh my GOD! OH my god!"

A vampire, that's who he was. A filthy, disgusting monster with zero regard for hygiene and "Oh GOD yeah!"

On the other hand, vampires had certain perks. As for example, the ability to perform oral sex while being drowned in tonic. The things you could do with boys who didn't need to breathe! Hot tubs, pools, water slides, the ocean... All she had to do was find her snorkeling gear and drag him to the country club after closing time... Right after they exchanged friendship rings and went to church together and how did his tongue manage to lobotomize her like this?

"Hold this still," he said, and placed her hand on the nozzle. He tended to something that didn't involve her, so it made her suspicious.

"What are you--?"

He looked up, stuck two fingers into her asshole and climbed up on the bar, slathering his erection in... where'd he get that?

"You dared me."

"What exactly did I dare you to-- Oh my FUCKING GOD!" The nozzle flew away.

Her ankles on his shoulders so he could better push his bulbous tip through her tight ring, he said, "Want me to stop?"

She breathed a few more times. "I didn't say that."

"Tell a man you want to do everything, this will likely spring to mind."

"N-noted." Her eyes widened. "Hohhh! Motherf...!"

"First time, Slayer?"

"What the hell do you think?"

He bit his smiling lip.

"Don't laugh at me."

"Relax, will you? It's gonna feel good, I promise! Just stop clenching."

"I'm not!"

"You are."

"It's too big."

"Much as I appreciate the flattery, I'm no John bloody Holmes, so--"


"Let. me in."

Well, fine. If he put it that way.

The second he felt her unclench, he bore down, thinking Fools rush in where Angel fears to--

"Ohhhhhhh!" they shouted together.

Their eyes met. Signals were received.

And then they went all Animal Planet.

Writhing, scrabbling, panting and braying, they somehow migrated from one end of the bartop to the other. Buffy's back was probably a mosaic of broken glass, beer nuts and cigarette butts, but she stopped caring about stuff like that around the time he stuck his entire penis into her ass.

Once that started, the only thought in her head was GIMME.

Not that Spike was thinking far beyond Holy slayer ass! and the sensory equivalents of tight, hot and all mine.

Her hair splayed over the edge of the bar, she provoked him by squeezing his ass and bucking her hips in perfect answer to his.

As he flattened his palm on her clit, she felt a paroxysm, a flood, a release of pure joy, and something gushed out of her. The tonic? Or was that all her? And why was it shooting out like that?

"Oh Buffy," he said, rubbing in circles as she gushed onto his palm, "Oh Buffy, ohhhh Buffy..."

She was a squirter too. A bloody fucking squirter. There were only so many limits to his self control...

By the time it stopped, Buffy was halfway off the bartop and he was telling her she had to let go or he'd come in her ass, and he didn't want to do that.

She unclenched, and he slowly extracted himself while taking care not to let her fall. Pulling her upright, he got off the bar and kissed her for a long time.

"Mm-mn," she objected when his cock poked her inner thigh. "That was in my butt."

"So was my tongue."

Eyes widening, she pushed him and his wicked grin to arm's length -- but after a beat, she brought them both right back.

"You nasty girl," he sneered as their lips briefly parted.

"I'm not the one who stuck my tongue up your ass."

He twitched a brow. "Night's still young."

With a resounding scoff, she punched him in the solar plexus. Spike rag-dolled halfway across the room, upending the couch on impact.

"Ooh," Buffy said. "Are you okay?"

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