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about this site is the official archive site of fanfiction writer NautiBitz. Most of what you'll find here is Buffy The Vampire Slayer-based fanfiction focusing on the relationship of Buffy and Spike. The fic here is written only by Nauti, with the exception of reprints of round robins that she has participated in. does not take submissions. Check the links page for listings of multi-author archives.

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about the author

Once upon a time, NautiBitz was a productive and useful member of society. This all changed one fateful night, thanks to the last five minutes of a freaking episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In it, Spike professed his love to Buffy in a dream sequence, and an unhealthy obsession was born.

When it was clear the show runners weren't about to let the Slayer give the poor bastard a tumble, which, let's face it, was drastically unrealistic, Nauti turned in desperation to the world of fanfiction. When she'd read everything there was to read (everything that involved sex, anyway), she took it upon herself to write her own ultimate how-they-get-it-on fanfic: In Heat.

That somehow led to all this.

When she's not defiling television characters, NautiBitz makes documentaries, assists in photo shoots, writes plays and screenplays and music and smut, and sings. She recently moved from NYC to Los Angeles so she could do more of this flighty stuff.

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