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Everything on this page is BtVS-based, Buffy/Spike-centric and NOT FOR KIDS unless otherwise noted.

Last update: April 2010
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readme! = Reader and/or author favorites. updated= New, recently updated or revised
HOT!= For adult audiences only. Author is not responsible for the spoliation of youthful innocence.

Novels, novellas, novelettes, novel ideas, and serialized sextravanganzas (all S/B erotica)
In Heat
IN HEAT readme!HOT!

The summer after Season 5 (in my world where Buffy never died) a pheromone heat wave gets the Slayer hot and bothered... for Spike. What's a lovestruck, semi-reformed vampire to do?

[ web | text | pdf | soundtrack | awards ]
[ 18 chapters | 30,310 words ]
Don't Stop

DON'T STOP readme!HOT!

Mid-Season 2, Buffy and Spike duke it out in a ghost town saloon. Throw in a lasso, a mechanical bull, an acid-spewing sewer beast and a Journey song, and the sex just writes itself...

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 9 chapters | 21,500 words ]

All Over It


Mid-Season 3, Buffy has to stop an apocalypse in a really icky way. Then again, Spike's back in town and has just the stuff she needs...

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 5 chapters | 9,960 words ]



Mid-Season 3, Spike and Buffy get drunk, pass out, and wake up in a curious predicament. Who's to blame? Trick, the Mayor, hairy demons, Jack Daniels? Who cares? They're naked!

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 5 chapters | 13,650 words ]

Under The Influence


NEW! Early Season 4, Buffy has to vampire-sit Spike, but she's been spritzed with a demonic mind-altering substance. Will Spike seize the moment? Or will they just end up naked? HMMM.

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 3 chapters | 8,600 words ]

Skin On Skin


Mid-Season 5, Buffy's got some kinks she needs worked out. Lucky for her, Spike's got the gift of healing.

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 6 chapters | 10,500 words ]

Body Shots


Wearing Buffy's body, Faith meets Spike for the first time and has her way with him. When Buffy finds out, she's not amused. (Crosses over with Angel. Some S/F, but this is an S/B romance.)

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 9 chapters | 9,480 words ]

Peaches & Herbs


In an imagined Season 6, Spike and Buffy shed their inhibitions -- and their pants -- thanks to an accidental sampling of forbidden fruit.

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 3 chapters | 5,340 words ]


Mid-Season 5, Buffy's got some kinks she needs worked out. Lucky for her, Spike's got the gift of healing.

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 6 chapters | 10,500 words ]


Post-'Wrecked', Buffy is trying to think un-Spike-like thoughts when a certain obscene phone caller foils her plan.

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 3 chapters | 4,870 words ]


Mid-Season 4, Buffy and Spike are compelled by forces beyond their control to get naked and do 'the wild thing' for hours... in Riley's bed. What will happen when they finally snap out of it?

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 4 chapters | 5,600 words ]


Buffy and Spike face the consequences of a 'wild' night together: a bundle of (possibly evil) joy! Much more than a "baby fic", this story is now COMPLETE and chock full o' freaky sex, fluffy bunnies, horny gods, catty brawls, cranky slayers, and the end of the 'verse as you know it!

[ web | text | pdf | soundtrack | awards ]
[ 25 chapters | 90,660 words ]


It's the sequel to Heart Don't Lie! Thirteen years later, Buffy's gotten her wish for a normal life -- and she'd really like it to stay that way. Little does she know how "normal" things are about to become...

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 6 chapters | 16,200 words ]

OLDER readme!HOT!

A novel-length fantasy AU (everyone's human) story in which Spike is Buffy's new stepfather and they can't help but have a torrid, sekrit affair and fall crazy in love. I have no excuse, I'm just a big perv. Warning: taboo themes.

[ pdf | soundtrack | fanart | vids | awards ]
[ 22 chapters | 61,600 words ]
Completed series/sagas or collections of related quickies (all S/B erotica except where otherwise noted)
Love Bunnies

LOVE BUNNIES readme!HOT!updated

...aka The Bunnyverse, the series/saga that jumped off from a sweet (and naughty) little story about Spike and Buffy being rabbits for a night. Not as "fluffy" as it seems...

Prologue: Saber's Humping Like Bunnies
Feature: A Bunny In The Oven/Heart Don't Lie
Sequel: At It Like Rabbits
PWP Bonus:
Baby Likes to Roleplay

[ web | text | pdf | soundtrack | awards ]

Close Encounters Collection


A collection of teasy, naughty 'deleted scene' one-shots (and one three-parter) set in Season 4, arranged by BtVS timeline. Each fic stands on its own, totally ignoring the one(s) before it, though a few of them are treated as 'canon' in my fic, Wild Things.

1. Just A Taste
2. NEW! Under The Influence
3. Truce Or Dare
4. Sleeptalking
6. The Sandman's Promise

[ web | text | pdf ]



With Faith leading the way, Buffy finally 'lets go' and becomes that 'force' she keeps yammering about. When Spike gets in on it, four's a crowd... [S/B/F]

1. One [Buffy/Faith]
2. Two [Buffy/Faith]
3. Three

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 3 chapters | 2,697 words ]

more to come
Works in progress, or finished parts with more in store (all S/B erotica)


An AU, un-supernatural spin on the Buffy/Spike 'ship: Buffy's a barely legal Bel Air brat, Spike's a reckless, heartbroken punk. When they crash into each other on a mountain road, sparks fly. Features an original song by me.

[ web | text | pdf | soundtrack | fanart | vids | awards ]
[ 35 chapters | 35,093 words ]

Part One is complete with a sexy resolution, but there are eventual plans for a Part Two.


CRAVE readme!HOT!updated

NEW! An all-human AU that casts Spike as Buffy's ruthless yet irresistible billionaire father-in-law. Currently only being updated at my LiveJournal community, NautiFic. You must be a member to read it. (Membership is open to anyone with an LJ account.)

[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
[ 42+ chapters | many words ]

If you liked Older, you might like this one.


Single-chapter stories, drabbles and ficlets, arranged by BtVS timeline (all S/B)
Rather Be
Sometimes the mind wanders to an unexpected place...
[ web | text ]
Just A Taste
Post-'Pangs', Buffy's mad. Spike is hungry. All he wants is a little taste...
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] R
Truce Or Dare readme!
Post-'Something Blue', are the Scoobies bored enough to play with Spike?
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] R
Sleeptalking readme!HOT!
Pre-'Hush', Spike learns that Buffy talks in her sleep. He may have a chip in his head, but he's still very, very bad...
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
Enthralled readme!
Mid-'Doomed', the subject of hypnosis comes up: can Spike do it? Buffy doesn't think so. Guess she'll have to be... convinced.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] R
The Sandman's Promise HOT!
Spike's 'Restless' dream, featuring fun with naked Buffy.
[ web | text | pdf ]
Naked HOT!
Buffy and Spike share a motel room while investigating a vampire slave ring. My contribution to a multi-author series.
[ web ]
Mid-'Checkpoint'. When Spike insults Buffy, she doesn't walk away.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] R
Looking For Trouble
Post-'Checkpoint', Spike's #1 Fan gets a tumble. Buffy catches them in the act. Brief Spike/Lydia. Spuffy at heart.
[ web | text | pdf ] R
Post-'Gift'. Distraught over Buffy's death, a drunk and disorderly Spike crashes the Summers home.
[ web | text | pdf ] PG13
Come Alive readme!HOT!
Mid-'Afterlife', Buffy wants to feel something. Can she feel it on the back of Spike's motorcycle?
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
Something to Sing About HOT!
Post-'Once More With Feeling'. What could have happened after that first kiss.
[ web | text | pdf ]
Vanishing Act
Post-'Gone', Buffy, Xander and Anya have a little mid-research chat about their favorite vampire.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] PG13
Back and Forth readme!HOT!
Feeling sexy after 'First Date', Buffy shows herself some love, forgetting that the ex in her house has bionic hearing.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
As In 'Recent' readme!HOT!
Mid-'Storyteller'. Is that "history" a bit more recent than Andrew thinks? Probably not, but what the hell, let's pretend.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
Something Fast HOT!
Season 7 one-hundred-word smut. Buffy's late for work, with good reason...
[ web | text ]
Slaying In
Pure fluff in response to the question, "Can you really see Spike and Buffy in a condo deciding what to watch on TV?"
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] PG13
Catch readme!
Spike and Buffy meet again post-Angel. "The point is she's moving on. You do the same, and you might catch her one day." Or she might catch you.
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] PG
Baby Likes To Roleplay readme!HOT!updated
A fun, sexy (and hopefully unique!) spin on the S2 'Halloween' episode, and what Spike might have done had Buffy not come to her senses in time... (Title obviously gives the twist away. This is a totally consensual scene, but please read the A/N warnings first.)
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
other fanfic
Everything non-Spuffy, or based on other 'verses
Becoming Kate readme!HOT!
A young Kate Lockley suffers the consequences of sleeping with her ensouled vampire lover, Faith. Extreme AU, femslash, graphic violence and character death.
[ Kate/Faith, Buffy/Willow, B/F/W ]
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
Different, and Not Better
Post-'Grave', Dawn makes a wish and wackiness ensues. A semi-sillyfic featuring Dawn, Anya, Tara and the rest of the gang, acting rather unlike themselves.
[ Slight Xander/Buffybot ]
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]

Getting A Little Sexy HOT!
Post-'Showtime', Anya walks in on Willow and Kennedy, and gets to thinking...
[ Anya/Willow ]
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]

Helpful Guy HOT!
A Buffy/Giles version of 'In Heat' set in Season 3. Strange demons are on the loose. Maybe Giles can help...
[ Buffy/Giles ]
[ web | text | pdf ]
Temporal Insanity HOT!
Angel fic. Season 2. Post-'Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been', Cordelia meets a mysterious stranger. Sort of.
[ Angel/Cordelia ]
[ web | text | pdf | awards ] R
Clark Can't HOT!
Smallville fic. A smutty rewrite of the Tina-as-Chloe/Lana scene in S2's 'Visage'.
[ Lana/Chloe ]
[ web | text | pdf | awards ]
HOT! = For adult audiences only. Under 17 not permitted. Author is not responsible for the spoliation of youthful innocence.
readme! = Reader and/or author favorites. updated= New, recently updated or revised

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