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to the relaunch of, where everything old is new again! And everything new is (kinda) new too!

After a hundred years of the same old Buffy in a Spike t-shirt design, it was time for a change. Of panties, that is! 

On this site you'll find every naughty (and nice) bit that I, NautiBitz, have ever written, most notably fanfiction based on the relationship between Buffy and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Yes, the show ended and our heroes went their separate ways, but here at, those two crazy kids are still going at it!

Mmm, denial.

So, if you're old enough and you're into this sort of thing, suspend your disbelief, take off your panties and enjoy the humorous television porn!
If You Can Fantasize It, We Can Make it a Sexual Reality

If earthly sexual stimulation and promotion isn’t enough for you, fear not – we are a site dedicated wholly to fantasy sexual stimulation, taking your mind and body to places far away from the lands we know today. For the creative thinkers, those with imaginations, or those simply stimulated by the likes of vampires and other mystical sexual deviants, that’s what we can offer you here at Nautibitz.

Vampire Sex Dolls
What can be hotter than fucking your way to a pure orgasm while your lover sinks their teeth passionately into your neck, stimulating your psyche in the most fantastic way possible? That’s exactly what we provide you with. They’re hungry, and they’re ready more than just your blood.

SexDolls carry a variety of sex fiends in the shape of fantasy Vampire sex dolls, providing you with a plethora of creative options that will help you climax more quickly than you ever thought was possible with mere earthlings.

Fantasy Sex
Whisk yourself away to a far off castle, set against the mountainside mist where you can unequivocally sink into your deepest sexual desires. Screw your way to pure fantastical bliss in which you feed every facet of your creative

We’re here to help you achieve that kind of expression, and it starts with fantasy sex dolls made for you and your imagination.

- NautiBitz
November 2019

P.S. I do plan to
continue Crash and Burn, and maybe, possibly In Heat. Bookmark this page or join my mailing list for updates.

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what's new

oct '10: upload

new in: fanfiction

Under The Influence, a smutty comedy set in season 4. [S/B, NC17, Complete!]

Close Encounters, a collection of naughty season 4 'deleted scenes' written between 2001 and 2010 now has its own page.

new in: other stuff

• Updated the awards page with 36 new fic and author awards (thanks, voters and judges!) and rearranged the fanfiction page.

april '09: upload

new in: fanfiction

Baby Likes To Roleplay, a fun, sexy spin on the S2 'Halloween' episode. [S/B, NC17, Complete!]

• My new-ish AU fic, Crave, which casts Spike as Buffy's ruthless yet irresistible billionaire father-in-law, is back in full swing at my LJ community, NautiFic. (You must join the comm to read it. Also there: random snips of C&B; II.)

march '09: upload

new in: fanfiction

Don't Stop, a banteriffic brawl-turned-sex romp set in late Season 2. Trashing a demon bar has never been so satisfying. [S/B, NC17, Complete!]

• Quickies Looking for Trouble [Spuffy-ish, R] and Temporal Insanity [Cordelia/Angel, R].


february '08: upload

new in: fanfiction

At It Like Rabbits, the 6-chapter action-packed sequel to Heart Don't Lie is now COMPLETE! Ah, domestic bliss. It must mean something's about to change around here... [S/B, NC17]

november '07: relaunch

new in: fanfiction

Heart Don't Lie is finally COMPLETE, with 25 pulse-pounding chapters of freaky sex, fluffy bunnies, horny gods, catty brawls, cranky slayers, and the end of the 'verse as you know it! Six years in the making, this bunny is finally cooked! [S/B, NC17]

• Pretty much everything else has been revised or cleaned up, most notably All Over It, Body Shots and Skin on Skin. Reread! [All S/B, NC17]

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