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Updated 8.15.05 - Broken links fixed, new links added

If you're new to the world of fanfiction and wonder where to go next, these are a few of my favorite reads. Admittedly I'm a little out of touch these days, what with the trading of fanatical reading for writing, so I added links to other people's rec pages to get all that new ground covered -- and to balance the scales of taste a bit.

My taste is of the happy-funny-sexy variety, as if that's at all surprising. Conflict is fun as long as it's resolved, but unnecessary angst, gore or character death is uh... not. I'm not a fan of hearts-and-flowers fluff but I am a sucker for happy endings. Other rec pages may lean toward poetic epic dramas or deep down character studies. Some may even display an aversion to smut. We can't all be pervs, I guess.

So don't just take it from me, or any other reccer for that matter. There's always more quality fanfiction to discover. Use my links page as a starting point.

If you have questions about this page, read my FAQ first. If you have trouble with any link here, let me know, but if you're hot to find a story, try searching for alternative urls through instead of waiting for me to reply (which could take weeks).

Most of the stories below are R-NC17, but I'm assuming if you've read my stuff and you're looking for more of the same, you're old enough to read these.



Laure Alexander - Buffy Want, Mortal Enemies, Divine Madness.

Saber ShadowKitten - The Bath series, Holidays, Dinner Interrupted, and about a thousand other S/B fics.

Mala - In The Red

Spider Girl - Changes

Zero - Lost the Plot, Reasons

Carrie - Memories...They Always Come Back to Haunt You


Roxane - Something Wicked This Way Comes

JuliatheYounger - Hot Chocolate

VicNoir - The Yellow Rose of Sunnydale

Keren and Meredith - Strange Bedfellows

Avalon - Love Is Blind, Eight Days A Week

Troll Princess - I'd Kiss You But I Just Washed My Hair


Rab-id/Raeanne - Facing the Mirrors, Father Christmas, Still Life with Melon and Honey

Mr. Monkeybottoms - Spike Lips! Lips of Spike!, The Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot, The Necklace

DevilPiglet - Roundabout

CousinJean - The Butterfly Effect, Photo Op

KJ Draft - Tooth And Nail

Kimi - Bachelor Party

Valerie - Super Food World

Ozfan - Resistance

Barb C. - A Raising In The Sun

little_bit - Cramps and Vamps, Who Reflects Me


Kantayra - Double Spiked

Echidna - A Touch of Jealousy

PoshCat - Dirty Little Secret

Pepperlandgirl - Mr. William

Zyrya - Crash

Sadbhyl - More Than Strangers

Hang_Nga - Impetuous

Tiana - Five Servings A Day

Spuffy Authors: Are you miffed that I haven't included you here? You know you're just as good as all these other shmoes; you can write fun, literate, sexy-ass scenarios as well as the next guy, so why the frell haven't I recced you yet? Do I secretly hate you or have a you-shaped dolly that I regularly stick with sharp pins? No, I don't. I really, really don't. I couldn't hate anyone who writes fun, literate, sexy-ass Spuffy. Most likely, you're not here because I haven't read your stuff yet. I'm slow, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know about your fic. Don't be shy -- send me an email and tell me about it already.



Ice Cream for Freaks: Fabulous, thorough recs from the lovely Doyle, aka the First Evil.

Sally's (aka hold_that_thought) Recs: All genres, all great recs.

The Crypt Door: Mailing list that features insightful S/B fic reviews. No longer updated, but lists some older gems.

Nothing Like The Sun: Lots of S/B recs featured here, with pretty pictures too!

Nocturnality Recs: All kindsa recs, all genres.

Taramisu's Recs: All S/B, all genres.

Bugger This Recommends: Herself's, Kalima's and FayJay's recs.

Better Buffy Fic Archives: a general BtVS archive of recs made at the BBF rec list.



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